Course Descriptions


TAP – LVAD provides a comprehensive study of American tap dancing which emphasizes terminology as well as proper technique. Students will develop a sense of timing and learn exercises necessary to tap with clarity, speed and style.

JAZZ – Jazz is America’s ‘True Folk Dance’. All classes utilize age-appropriate movements and encompass a wide variety of styles including Luigi-based Broadway jazz, hip hop, theatre jazz, lyrical and contemporary. Previous and/or concurrent ballet study is strongly recommended.

BALLET – Ballet is the foundation for all western dance forms and is strongly recommended for all dancers at the academy. Ballet students develop proper body placement, alignment, flexibility, and technique. Strong ballet technique may be required for admission to advanced level classes in addition, ballet terminology and technique is used for most tap, jazz, acro, modern and lyrical classes.

POINTE – Training on pointe begins only after the student has established strong comprehensive basic technique. Only the director may permit a student to begin pointe training.

ACROBATICS – Acrobatics classes include floor exercise, tricks, and tumbling. Classes develop flexibility, strength and coordination helpful in all forms of dance.

LYRICAL – Lyrical is an expressive from of dance that incorporates elements of modern, ballet and jazz techniques. Lyrical dances are an expression of the music which creates free style movement and interpretation of a story. Concurrent ballet study is required.

PRESCHOOL – This class is divided into equal segments of ballet and tap. These classes are designed to teach counting, coordination, rhythm and creative movement as well as classical ballet and tap terminology and technique. All dancers must be completely potty-trained.

TINY TUMBLE – Tumbling for the preschooler teaches and improves gross motor movement, coordination, balance and agility. Focus on fundamental gymnastic and acrobatic skills to build strength and flexibility.

MODERN – Focus on practices that work balance, momentum and individual expression. Ballet study is strongly recommended.

HIP HOP – This high energy, athletic, popular dance style originated on the streets in the late 80’s with break dancing. This is a great class for Beginners, Juniors and Teens. There are NO rules – just fun, funky moves to the latest hot tunes.