Studio Policies

Laurel Valley Academy of Dance, Inc.


Follow our studio policies to ensure your child's safety and progress!


Tuition is due by the 10th of each month.  No exceptions.

Late Fee

A late fee of $10 will be charged if the monthly tuition is not paid by the 10th of each month.  Tuition payments received on the 11th of the month are late and must include the late fee.  If your account becomes two months delinquent, your child will not be permitted to attend further classes until the account is brought current including all late fees.  Cash payments will receive a receipt. Checks should be made payable to Laurel Valley Academy of Dance or LVAD.


No refunds or credits will be given due to absenteeism and no refunds will be granted if a student chooses to leave the studio in the middle of the month.


Regular Attendance is a MUST.  Each student is important to the progress of the entire class.  Students with excessive absences may be required to pay for private lessons to catch up.  Students who finish the year with PERFECT ATTENDANCE will receive a TROPHY at the annual show as part of the grande finale.


You will be notified by email if your class needs to be re-scheduled for any reason. (Ie: weather condition, illness, etc.)  Please indicate on your dancer registration form a current and frequently checked email address.  When in doubt about weather conditions an announcement will be placed on the studio answering machine by 3:00pm that day.  LVAD will also be listed on the WTAE school closing list, both online and on television.  LVAD has a business Facebook page which will list closings and other important reminders.

Fund Raising

The Laurel Valley Academy of Dance does one mandatory fundraiser.  In January we sell Sarris Easter Candy, and every student is required to participate.  This fundraiser helps to keep down the cost of our annual show in June.  For families who choose not to sell candy we offer a ‘buy-out’, also due at the time the candy orders are due.  Students who do not participate in this fundraiser will not be permitted to perform in the annual show.


Because excess noise is a distraction to the students and the teacher, the dance room will be limited to students taking class.  Parents are not permitted to watch a class in progress.  Children not taking class will not be permitted in the dance room.

Class Behavior

We want all our students to have an enjoyable and educational dance experience. We will treat you and your children with courtesy and respect. We expect our students to show the same attitude toward their teachers and fellow dancers. We request that your children observe the following simple rules:
* Pay Attention to your teacher – Don’t talk with your friends during class! It disrupts the whole class and makes it difficult for the teacher to communicate with the students. Meet your friends before or after class for social fun.
* Food or drinks are permitted in the LOBBY ONLY. Be careful – spills ruin the floors and food attracts bugs. You may have snacks in the LOBBY, but please dispose of your trash properly. There are breaks for water during shoe changes. Leave water bottles in the LOBBY.
* Do not pull up on or hang from the Ballet Barres. They can be pulled from the wall or you can get stuck in them. Barres are for balance and support.
*Come prepared to dance – attire, grooming, attitude, ambition, energy!


Classroom Etiquette

Reasonable rules and standards are provided to promote self-discipline. Students should arrive at the school with sufficient time to change into dance shoes to begin class on time. Students who arrive 10 minutes after the scheduled class time are welcome to observe the class; however, they will not be permitted to participate unless there is an extenuating circumstance. If students need to leave before the end of the class, they should notify the teacher before class begins. Students may not leave the classroom without first receiving permission from the teacher. As employees of the Laurel Valley Academy of Dance, teachers have the responsibility to see that their class is under control, and they have the authority to dismiss any student who will not cooperate and is a disruption to the rest of the class.

Class Placement

We try to place students in the best, most challenging and appropriate class. Sometimes the teacher will determine that a student needs placement in a more advanced or less advanced class. This is not done without careful consideration.   Class placement does not depend on the number of years the student has taken or the student’s age.  Remember you are paying us to teach your child to dance. You entrusted your children with us because we know what is best for them concerning their dance education. Children are our business. We are the experts, defining each dancer by their work ethic, potential, ability to comprehend quickly, natural bodylines and maturity in applying corrections.  Each child should aspire to be in the next level!

Dress Code

Girls – BLACK leotard. NO SKIRTS.  Pink or Suntan tights (stirrup, footed or convertible).  NO BARE LEGS!  Pink tights are mandatory for all ballet classes.  Appropriate shoes per class.  Warm-ups must be removed after warm-up section of the class is complete.

Boys – White T-Shirt and black jazz pants, warm-up pants or shorts.  NO JEANS and PANTLEGS MUST BE OFF FLOOR!  Appropriate shoes per class.

Hair  – All hair must be up off the back of your neck and slicked away from the face in either a pony tail or bun

Jewelry – NO JEWELRY is allowed for safety reasons.  Necklaces can break, rings can fly off and earring backs fall. (Have you ever stepped on an earring post in your bare feet?)

DO NOT wear dance shoes outside. Wearing dance shoes outside ruins the sole and also tracks dirt, oil and gravel into the studio, causing damage to the dance floors.

Your Children are a Reflection of You ~
Good Manners and Proper Etiquette are always expected.

Dance is the most beautiful of all the arts –
and dancers, the most beautiful of all the artists.
The Laurel Valley Academy of Dance wants to create beauty on the inside, too!